The story of carb That everyone may not know

Hello, today we are going to talk about nutrition. Because he saw that it was as important as exercise ever Can be seen from many famous trainers Try to focus on this matter first.

Believe that many people have heard the term Workout 30, Diet 70 or some sources emphasize that Workout 20, Diet 70. The other 10 is rest. In which the proportion that they emphasize. That we have to pay attention to eating as much as possible. Not with the exercise machine No diet at all.

At this point, most people think that diet Is to not eat sweets. Do not eat fat, do not eat flour, especially carbohydrates.  Many people refrain from carbs for the most part because they think that will make them thin faster. Do not forget that exercise. It is necessary to consume carbohydrate foods to supplement energy in exercise to help burn.

carbohydrates mainly divided into 3 types.

Sugar is a source of energy. But it is the one that makes the most fat Because it is easily absorbed by the body The more processed sugar It is not good for the body, sugar is important in the form of food and drinks we eat. Especially sports sports drinks Sugar is considered quite high. If to lose weight effectively Should refrain from sports drinks and turn to eat a lot of water.

The flour, rice or bread that we eat Asking why it makes me fat Because our body will turn starch into sugar again Especially white rice and refined flours, which we call simple carbohydrates. That we ate It does not contain any fiber that reduces its absorption. Our body therefore accepts carbohydrates with a focus on this part, so we recommend that you who want to diet. 

Eat complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, riceberry, brown rice, and whole grains instead are much better. Because of the fiber, rice fibers help absorb water and reduce the absorption of starch. And make you full for a long time as well
Fiber from fruits and vegetables Right here, most people will ask Oh, vegetables are also classified as carbohydrates? The answer is yes, because fiber is another complex carbohydrate. Our body needs to eat a lot of vegetables. To aid in the digestive system, some vegetables can also strengthen the exercise, such as celery or fruit like watermelon or banana.
So do not forget to pay attention to nutrition, eat all 5 groups, but just eat good carb to eat to strengthen and help you lose weight.