Menus that you should stop eating if you don’t want to get sick “High cholesterol

Menus that you should stop eating if you don’t want to get sick “High cholesterol

Cholesterol is a lipid found in the cell wall (blood). Although cholesterol is very beneficial, if the amount of cholesterol in the body is too high. May be harmful to the body as well

What is high cholesterol? How dangerous is it?

High Cholesterol High (High Cholesterol) is a condition in which cholesterol builds up within the blood wall. Causing the arteries to narrow and harden until it can cause harm to the body such as hardened artery disease, ischemic heart disease, ischemic stroke and coronary artery disease, etc.

From the dangers of high cholesterol Time to fix the problem Health care To reduce the chance of developing high cholesterol Which the condition can be treated By addressing the problem that is caused by the source of cholesterol Which are both inside and outside the body Especially external causes are factors that can be controlled. By avoiding foods that increase the amount of cholesterol in the body

10 foods to avoid cholesterol risk


Seafood is one of the most nutritious, but hides a lot of cholesterol. The animals like oysters, squid, shrimp, crabs all have high cholesterol content. Especially, cuttlefish with high cholesterol content of 322 milligrams per 100 grams.

Fried Chicken with Fried Pork

For foods that use oil for frying Fried Chicken and Fried Pork It is a menu that should be avoided. Because the cooking process requires a lot of oil. Causing the oil to penetrate into the meat Fat or cholesterol is high as a result. In addition, these foods often contain trans-Unsaturated Fats, which are in synthetic compounds in the process of extending the life of fried foods.

Fast food

Fast food or fast food Like bacon and sausage Is a food that uses oil, which contains saturated fat (Saturated Fatty Acid) in frying, which is the saturated fat itself is a factor that contributes to cholesterol. In addition to fried foods Other types of fast food such as Pizza and Ham There is no different risk. Because it contains butter and cheese Both raw materials have a high cholesterol content.

Bread / Cake / Cheesecake

Foods that are at risk for high cholesterol are not just savory. Desserts like bread, cake, or cheesecake are also risky. These desserts contain margarine, which contains trans fatty acids, one of the contributing factors to high cholesterol.

Food made from yolk

Egg yolks contain 1,085 mg of cholesterol and saturated fat. Therefore, if you do not want to risk cholesterol Should avoid foods made from yolk. Which includes both savory dishes and desserts such as cheesecake, salted egg yolk, rice, grilled meat, pickled yolk and salted egg yolk salad, etc.

Food made from the liver

Although the liver is rich in iron and many vitamins. But both chicken livers and pork livers are both high-cholesterol foods. Therefore, the liver should be consumed in moderation Should not eat consecutively in large quantities. With foods made from liver such as stir-fried pork liver, sweet liver, pork liver with sweet pepper and garlic and pepper liver

ice cream

Sweets may be heartbroken. Because ice cream is also associated with high cholesterol as well. The ice cream contains ingredients made from animal fats. Which is saturated fat If consumed in large quantities, it can lead to high cholesterol levels.

Lean meat

Anyone who loves to eat lean meat. Both pork and beef Be careful about your cholesterol content. This is because the fat in meat is saturated fat and contains a lot of cholesterol. Therefore, eating a menu made from lean meats carries a high cholesterol risk.


Caviar It is a luxury meal that people want to take care of their health should avoid Because besides the high price, the cholesterol content is also high. 100 grams of caviar contains 588 milligrams of cholesterol.