Exercise for a few minutes in the morning. Research reveals better fat loss!

Whether it is this year, next year, or in any year ‘Exercise’ seems to be a very popular trend. That office workers make as a regular activity that they like to do during the time after work. But do you know each other … if we try to switch the time to try Morning exercise Instead of the traditional time after work It will help to get better results in terms of fat loss!

It sounds unbelievable … but this is true from health research. Which in this article would like to add to each other to hear. That why does morning exercise lead to better fat loss than other times? 

Along with revealing tips for exercising in the morning that make young and young people like us to burn properly Do not overdo it. And there is still energy left to work throughout the day.

Waking up for a morning workout can be distressing for some. But believe that If everyone agrees to wake up a little earlier We will have a beautiful and slim body faster than exercise at any other time. 

There are two main reasons.

1) Great metabolism boost

Because our bodies have different metabolic rates during the day. Based on research from Midwest Exercise Trail 2 that stated.  Almost everyone who wakes up to exercise from the morning to before noon over the course of 10 months has successfully lost weight. And are more likely to lose body weight than those who go out in the afternoon or early evening
Which the reason why it is like that is because in the afternoon and evening. It is the time when the body is prepared for rest rather than activities. Makes the metabolism work less than that in the morning itself.

2) Decreases appetite well

Is considered a very suitable time to exercise. For devotees who like to kiss, kiss and eat Because usually in the morning of the day we tend not to be hungry. And if we choose to exercise in the morning, add it at the same time, it will greatly reduce the appetite.
This is different from popular exercise periods like the evening. That often makes us feel craving for food from energy all day long. And if we can not control ourselves at that time, ensuring that every exercise. The day is definitely going to be done to burn off the accumulated fat from the dinner buffet.

How to exercise in the morning safely Not getting sick later

Okay! For anyone who has decided that. Tomorrow morning will be the beginning of the exercise to conquer the body that has been dreaming of for a long time, we have 4 techniques to exercise in the morning. This helps the body learn to adjust to the new waking hours. And help reduce the causes of illnesses from being too stressful to leave each other
But … are there any techniques that you can implement? Let’s go see it together.

1. Choose the right form of exercise

Must understand first that Morning is when the body is recovering from a night’s rest. The body is not fully awake and is prone to injury,
so the form of exercise during this day must be simple activities. To help warm up the body first So that the body can use the muscles for a long time. It also gives the heart and lungs the opportunity to get used to exercise in the morning.
Give an example of a suitable morning exercise pattern, such as cardio. (Cardiovascular), Burn Fat or Burn Calorie such as aerobic, running, cycling, swimming, etc.

2. See the timing appropriately

The matter of ‘time’ is another important issue. Because many people are unable to maintain a good balance of time, they can bring themselves to exercise in the morning
But if you want to have a healthy body, it is imperative that you move yourself out of bed for exercise. We should wake up early to exercise at least 3-5 times / week. Which each time should take a period of 30 consecutive minutes to reach the point where the body can burn fat as best.
But if you realize that you are someone who has never exercised Do not rush out too hard just yet You should start exercising at just 10 minutes a day to reduce injury and get your body used to any aches. Which is why people stop exercising for a long time.
After that gradually Increase the duration of the exercise as much as you can, until 30 minutes of continuous exercise.

3. Don’t forget to control your heart rate (Heart Rate).

For anyone who is a cario exercise line, remember to control your heart rate (Heart Rate) in the right spot. Because our bodies are like engines Overworked too much, it can cause injury or go beyond the point of fainting or fainting.
The principles of heart rate control (Heart Rate) will depend on physical performance. Age range and health problems of each person Which can vary the intensity of 40-100% of the maximum heart rate per minute But for people who want to exercise for good health and good figure, you should keep your Heart Rate between 60-90% to help burn body fat as best.

4. Have enough rest

The word ‘rest’ here doesn’t just mean getting a good night’s sleep. It also means taking a break from exercising at certain times or on certain days. In order to allow the body to have some recovery period as appropriate There are two ways to rest in terms of exercise:

Taking breaks during exercise

It is a form of taking a few minutes between sets. For the body to recover And returned to full strength before going back out Which in addition to preventing severe muscle tearing It is also considered to train the muscles to build endurance and the condition of exhaustion after several minutes of continuous exercise.

Taking a break after exercise
For those who are doing weight training, there is a need for rest periods by avoiding repetitions in the same spots for about 2 days to allow the body to repair that torn muscle back to be strong enough to build muscle. Can continue to expand.


Morning exercise It is an option for people who want to lose body fat and better energize the body during the day. But getting the most effective exercise may not depend only on timing factors. There is also a matter of discipline and determination to do the utmost.
Which if we are really diligent in exercising Even if the body burns the least time. The results may look their best 🙂