5 warning signs to be aware that You are going to have diabetes

Diabetes, an imminent threat that many people may not be aware of Diabetes is a disease caused by daily life habits. From eating to stress From the cause of the disease near you May cause many people to have diabetes without knowing it Therefore, self-observation is important. This is because there may be some symptoms that are signaling you have diabetes.

What is diabetes?

Diabetes is a chronic abnormally high blood sugar disease. Caused by defects in the pancreas in the process of making insulin. And the abnormal process of converting sugar into energy Which results in abnormally high blood sugar levels.

Good to know: Insulin, a hormone, stimulates the body to use or store sugar from food. Which insulin is a variable in diabetes care.

Type of diabetes

Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

For insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus Is a less common type Most of them are caused by impaired immunity Heredity and environment. With this type of diabetes, the pancreas is unable to produce insulin. This causes the patient to rely on insulin for the treatment to help the body utilize the sugar from food.

Non-insulin dependent diabetes

Non-insulin dependent diabetes Is the type of diabetes found in most people. . Causing the body to lack insulin People with this type of diabetes need to take drugs to reduce insulin resistance or inject insulin so that the body can use the sugar.

Gestational diabetes

Pregnancy is likely to develop diabetes. During pregnancy, the hormones oppose the function of insulin. Which causes an abnormally high level of tears in the blood Gestational diabetes after delivery. Diabetes will go away But people who have had gestational diabetes are at risk of developing other types of diabetes in the future.

Diabetes warning signs

Frequent urination

Frequent urination is caused by the hormone insulin malfunctions. Resulting in high blood sugar And the kidneys cannot filter the excess sugar back into the blood. Therefore releasing sugar with water in the urine Diabetic patients urinate frequently and in large quantities.

Unusual weight loss

Abnormal weight loss is caused by cells unable to use sugar to burn energy. And a lot of sugar is excreted in the urine The body uses muscle and fat to burn instead of using sugar for energy. Causing abnormal weight loss.

Blurred vision

Blurred vision cause by the high sugar content in the lens of the eye, causing abnormal vision. Or caused by the level of blood sugar that is too high. It causes a reaction with the eyes and causes abnormal blood vessels of the eye (Retina), with blurred vision that can develop severe to the stage of blindness.

Numb toe

Numbness of the hands and feet cause by high blood sugar levels that damage the peripheral nerves. Resulting in some organ numbness Starting from the hands and feet, which in addition to numbness. Similar symptoms are the sensation of touch decreases until the nerve endings are absent.

Slow healing wounds

For slow healing wounds caused by high blood sugar levels. Until causing abnormal blood vessel function . Therefore, the blood cannot be sufficiently nourished. The process of repairing the body is therefore malfunctioning. As a result, the wound will heal slowly. The wounds of diabetics, if poorly maintained, are at risk of infection.

Avoid risky behaviors, prevent diabetes.

Avoid eating large amounts of sugar and starch. If the body receives excessive amounts of sugar and starch. Causing the accumulation of excessive amounts of unnecessary nutrients. It may cause an accumulation of blood sugar levels and eventually lead to diabetes.

Cut down on foods that are high in fat. A large amount of body fat Causing the pancreas to work harder. The body produces less insulin. The blood sugar level is high.

Reduce stress by stress is one of the leading causes of diabetes. This is because when stressed the body releases energy in the form of sugar. If anyone who is stressed together . May cause sugar to accumulate until the excess amount of sugar in the blood is the cause of diabetes.

Drink alcohol By drinking large amounts of alcohol resulting in fatty liver The liver will work abnormally. Leading to insulin resistance.