Checklist of kidney disease risk symptoms.

Kidney disease is one of the dangers that many people are not aware of. In the early stages, kidney disease often showed no serious illness.  But gradually manifested by common symptoms such as urination, back pain and fatigue. Although they are common symptoms, these symptoms may have a serious threat.

kidney disease

The kidneys are bean-shaped organs. Located around the male skeleton. By the function of the kidneys are Excretion of metabolic waste from the body.  Regulate water and blood minerals.  It also controls blood pressure and produces substances that stimulate red blood cell formation.

Kidney disease is a condition in which the kidneys . Resulting in kidney function malfunctions and decreased work efficiency. Leading to the presence of waste stuck in the bloodstream Substances created to stimulate red blood cells to malfunction. Until complications such as high blood pressure and anemia

5 signs of kidney disease risk

1. abnormal urination

Urinary disorders are caused by abnormal functions of the kidneys, such as nephrotic capillaries. Urinary tract disorders, etc. By kidney disease, there are many abnormal urination patterns, which can be observed as follows.

Frequent urination cause by a condition in which the kidneys control less urine. Resulting in urinating more often than usual. Usually the frequency of urination cause by the amount of water to drink. Despite how much water is drunk, the kidneys can regulate urination. Because urine is able to retain water up to 250 cc. But when the kidneys work abnormally, it is unable to control urination.

Urine bubbles in the urine from proteins that leak with urine. The cause of protein leak may arise from nephrotic capillaries. Causing the protein to leak more than abnormal.

2. Backache, lumbar pain

Back pain or lumbar pain around the ribs. Lower abdomen and genitals Caused by blockage in the ureter, ureter, inflammation of the back pain may associate with nearby diseases.

Such as Chronic kidney disease, nephritis, and if there is a high fever. There is a chance that it will develop acute cone nephritis.

3. Swelling

Swelling for patients with kidney disease . Arising from water and salt retention in the body. This occurs in many positions, from the eyelids, face, legs, and both feet. In this test for swelling can be done by pressing the finger on the swollen area like the shin. Which, if pressed and found a dent Showing that there is a chance that patients have kidney disease.

4. Tiredness, exhaustion

For fatigue, it is a symptom in patients with severe kidney disease. Which this symptom is not found in patients with kidney disease in the early stages Fatigue and fatigue can develop into body itching. The itching is caused by high phosphorus blood and the kidneys are unable to excrete phosphorus from the body. 

5. High blood pressure

Symptoms of high blood pressure in patients with kidney disease are caused by abnormal kidney function. Usually, the kidneys produce hormones used to control blood pressure. Like hormone renin, so when the kidneys produce less renin hormone. The effectiveness in controlling blood pressure is low and results in high blood pressure symptoms.