5 ways to recognize yourself if you are depressed or not

There are nine symptoms that indicate you are experiencing depression, in which anyone who has had or exceeded five of these symptoms and has had at least 2 weeks in a row and has these feelings all the time. If you have depression.

  1. Feeling sad, bored, or irritable throughout the day.
  2. Less interested in your surroundings or activities you previously enjoyed.
  3. Changes in eating behavior Significant weight gain or loss.
  4. Insomnia or sleep disorders.
  5. Noticeably anxious or sluggish.
  6. Weak, lack of strength, don’t want to do anything.
  7. Feeling that I am worthless Blame yourself for everything
  8. Decreased concentration of mind, having trouble making decisions
  9. Thinking about death Don’t want to live often.

How to treat depression

Drug treatment

The cause of depression comes from a malfunction of chemicals in the brain. Therefore, taking the drug will help balance the chemicals in the brain to function normally. In the first phase, the drug will see slow results. Has a lot of side effects But as brain chemicals have adapted Symptoms will improve However, you shouldn’t stop taking the drug when you feel better. Should be taken for 6-12 months to prevent recurring depression.

Heal mentally

Depression can be treated in a number of ways

Consult a professional doctor Balancing ideas and behaviors One of the causes of depression comes from Negative thoughts beyond reality Therefore, it is advisable to consult a doctor for advice on how to think and behavior. Is another way to help treat depression to get better.

Adjust the interpersonal relationships Finding close friends helps to adjust your relationship with the environment around you. Understanding the situation will help you to better adjust to the context around you.

In-depth psychotherapy This treatment requires a doctor and psychiatrist. Joint therapy to release the nodes deep within the patient’s mind, which is the source of depression.

Turning depression into positive energy

Anyone suffering from depression does not have to be discouraged. Because this disease can turn sadness into power You just have to find a way to retrieve the power that is hidden.

Refine pessimism, find hidden good thoughts.

Thoughts are the driving force behind many people. Pessimism is often the catalyst for more serious depression. Therefore, our patients have to find a way to turn the crisis into an opportunity. Switching from bad thoughts all day to optimism If you don’t know where to find ideas like that We recommend listening to an inspirational podcast or finding great articles to keep your mind active throughout the day.

Exercise to reduce depression

Exercise is another great way to reduce depression. With this disease making the patient exhausted Lack of energy to use life .Therefore, a thorn must take a thorn to indicate It’s time to get up and try some exercise. Using a body with little strength Adjusting the behavior little by little can help reduce symptoms of depression. Plus, while exercising, the body also secretes dopamine. Or the message of happiness Making him forget his suffering for a moment And for anyone interested in exercising but don’t have time, you can exercise anywhere, just 10 minutes with bodyweight exercises from this article

Find a way to relieve stress.

Stress is a contributing factor to depression. Therefore, looking for activities to reduce stress. Can help reduce depression For those who do not know what activities will help relieve stress. We recommend exercising or using music therapy. Is another way to help relieve stress .