Office Syndrome Treatment

There are many ways to treat the disease, from drug therapy, needle treatment, Thai massage to physical therapy. However, the best way to help treat office syndrome is to consult a doctor. For the doctor to diagnose the severity of the condition And look for an appropriate treatment in the next order

For those who do not have time to seriously treat office syndrome Can take care of themselves to prevent symptoms easily spread By modifying various behaviors as follows

Exercise regularly

Exercising the right way It is another tool in the prevention and treatment of office syndrome as well. The exercise should start from studying how to loosen the muscles. Like doing yoga To loosen tight muscles to become flexible Will be able to reduce pain and stiffness And in the defense section Exercise strengthens your muscles, which can help prevent limb weakness from office syndrome.

Adjust the working environment

The work environment is one of the leading causes of office syndrome. Therefore, adjusting the environment to suit the sitting work for a long time. This is another way to help reduce the risk of office syndrome as well as exercise. For example Adjusting the chair to fit the table To reduce sitting wrapped in the shoulders Or switching to ergonomic chairs.

Modification of the behavior of using the muscles during work

Working in the same posture for a long time is a major contributing factor to physical pain. Therefore, adjusting the posture while working So as not to overwork the muscles. It is something that regular office workers should do regularly, such as getting up to stretch and relax their muscles.

Or if you need to sit continuously for a long time It is best to adjust the sitting position accordingly. By trying to sit upright, next to the backrest of the chair, and put your feet upright at a 90-degree angle. And if possible, it is best to keep your back and neck straight. So as not to put too much weight on the neck and spine. By following the above steps will help relieve neck and back pain.