Prepare to sleep well

Steps to prepare for a quality sleep.

 There are four things:

1) Make the bedroom completely dark. 

2) use the bed only for sleeping. Do not use the bed for any other activity.

3) While sleeping, your body should be kept away from devices that can emit interference, such as mobile phones or computers.
4) taking a cool shower before bed will help you sleep better.

In addition, another way to help you sleep well is to expose your body to sunlight regularly. Because sunlight stimulates the body to produce a neurotransmitter called serotonin. Which serotonin helps the body feel fresh and clear at night Serotonin is converted into another substance called melatonin. By melatonin helps the body to relax and sleep better.

Sleep and everyday life

How Sleep Quality Affects Health This has proven clinical research. The research team conducted a study by selecting two groups of nurses. The first group were nurses who worked for lunch. The other group were nighttime nurses. And followed the lives of the sample for decades The result showed that the night work group and sleep did not correspond to normal hours. They were at a greater risk of developing a chronic disease like diabetes or high blood pressure than those who work at daytime and sleep at regular times

Therefore, sleep should follow the orbit of the sun. Although some people like to work during the night. Because I feel very personal and can concentrate and work But the body lost from sleep was not worth the time compared to the work at all. The solution in this case is to adjust the time to sleep early. And wake up to work in the morning This is a time of silence and focus. In addition, the by-product that occurs, the brain becomes clearer. Because the brain has been through the organization that occurs during sleep, too.

As for those who do not sleep for whatever reason The basis of this problem is often caused by a hormone called cortisol. Which will pour out in the sunlight This makes it very high in the morning and gradually decreases by the evening. But the surrounding blue light triggers the increase in cortisol at night. The solution is to use a red LED lamp, connect it to a light panel, and light it on the body before bedtime. The red light that emits will improve sleep.

Or if at bedtime and can’t stop thinking Use meditation But not to the point that the mind must be still, sit still, just to see where the mind is going. When he realized that he had gone, he pulled it back. By doing meditation to do 15 minutes after waking up and before going to bed, meditation regularly, in addition to calming the mind. Can also help reduce stress as well.

Another thing that has to do with sleep is exercise. Because exercise is to make muscles torn or worn. And to build muscle requires growth hormone Sleep is therefore encouraging exercise. It is the time when the muscles build and recover themselves.


Because sleep has a tremendous impact on health Whether it is current health and future health Humans need to have a good sleep. This means getting adequate sleep and quality sleep at the same time.

So sleeping is not just about the time you lean back in bed. Rather, it means managing behavior and environmental changes that you can rest according to natural cycles. So that you will get the most from sleep each day.