The threat of dizziness and sweating, an abnormality that should not be idle.

If waking up in the morning and not refreshed. Difficulty getting out of bed.  Therefore reaching the symptoms of dizziness, feeling spinning houses and sweating during the day.  These signs can be a warning from your body that your health should be taken urgently. Should not be ignored Or think that you can recover by yourself It will definitely be better. Because if these symptoms occur already Most often it recurs repeatedly. If not treated promptly In some cases it may develop to a more dangerous stage that interferes with everyday life. And take a longer period of treatment than before.

Notice symptoms

Try to observe yourself If you feel dizzy, dull, unclear head, or dizziness that you can not do anything. Or if serious to the point where it is already Visualize the things around him All around, spinning around in spite That they are stationary Until unable to balance, sit or stand Which of these abnormal symptoms may be accompanied by sweating, nausea and vomiting. The cause of these symptoms can be caused by a variety of factors. And disorders of the body’s balance system Including the symptoms of patients with other diseases Contain as well.

Cause of symptoms

Dizziness, vertigo, sweating are the primary causes of various diseases. Mentioned There are other reasons. That may be related to these symptoms, for example.

1.Abnormalities of the balance organs in the inner ear 

Balance organs in the inner ear It is the body that maintains balance and balances the body posture and when there is an abnormality in the bodily organs in the inner ear. Will make the patient feel dizzy And the spinning In severe cases, nausea and vomiting are accompanied by or associated symptoms in the ear. Such as tartar in the inner ear Caused by deterioration of the inner ear (More common in the elderly), patients with this disease have symptoms almost every day. But there will be no symptoms of tinnitus Or loss of hearing of any kind.

2.  Stress and migraine

Work stress that accumulates into a migraine . Which migraine is a disease in which the patient will have a single headache. Throbbing According to the rhythm of the heart. The symptoms of migraine can also be dizzy instead. Which when symptoms will impair hearing performance.  Together with the symptoms of Hu Yu, allergic to bright light and sometimes many People think it’s a symptom of an ear infection. 

3.  Other related diseases 

For dizziness, sweating, sweating may be caused by disorders of the body . Such as the circulatory system or eyesight, or diseases such as hematoma Various cerebrovascular diseases Irregular heart disease, diabetes, stress-related and psychiatric disorders.  The symptoms of the disease are associated with dizziness, sweating, dizziness, it should be diagnosed by a medical professional.

4.  Not enough rest 

Not getting enough sleep is also one of the causes of dizziness, sweating, or dizziness. Sleep deprivation or sometimes overwork that there is no time to rest Or cause anxiety. It may be a major cause of these symptoms as well. Best way to adjust your life. Try not to overwork. And take some time to relax for yourself.

The most important thing is to take care of yourself. Try adjusting the lifestyle. Keep exercising regularly. Do not work hard. And reduce behaviors such as drinking alcohol, coffee and smoking budgets. Turn to choose foods that are beneficial to the body. It will help reduce the symptoms of dizziness, sweating, relief.