“When you sleep well, life will follow.”

Good sleep means Getting enough long sleep With having to sleep deeply and sleep deeply

● Because the human body corresponds to the cycle of the sun rise and fall Making the best time to sleep is during the sunset onwards.

Are you having trouble sleeping?

Insomnia, difficulty sleeping, sleeplessness That in addition to making you frustrated each day It also affects your body immensely without your knowledge. These symptoms can be alleviated without any medication or treatment. Just change your sleeping habits to be more in line with human nature.

Jigsaw For Good Life in this EP.15, therefore, invited Achan to overhaul the consul from the group Let’s discuss the issue of sleep. With the question of sleep that can be called a good sleep. And how to make your sleep a good night’s sleep every day

How important is sleep?

Usually, humans sleep an average of eight hours a day. Or as a third of the day In the past, before the artificial light bulb. The human daily routine is either the Circadian Rhythm or corresponds to the sun’s rise and fall. When the sun rises Humans wake up and go to work. And when the sun sets Humans will stop working and prepare for bed rest.

But when an artificial light like a light bulb or a screen comes up These lights interrupt the daily cycles and distort the human sleep system. And when humans are not asleep fully The problem that follows is that the body does not burn fat. Because when sleeping deeply and in deep sleep The body will shed. Growth hormone comes out Growth hormones are directly used to help burn fat and build muscle.

How good is sleep

Good sleep must consist of two parts: quantity and quality. The amount of sleep means sleep has to be long and adequate. Which should be at 8-9 hours a day Sleep quality is deep sleep, deep sleep. This can be observed from the pulse that is going down. And the body will not be able to move And when the body goes into a state of deep sleep In addition to the secretion of growth hormones The brain also has the process of organizing information while in deep sleep.

Timing affects sleep as well. Because the human body is tied to the orbit of the sun Making the best sleep is sleep according to the orbit of the sun. Which means you should sleep and rest when the sky is dark And if possible Try to avoid contact with bulbs that have blue light. Because the body can still recognize that the area is still light. Even if you close your eyes completely.